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Logo Tiger 3

Implement Logo Tiger 3 ERP system in your company to centrally manage all processes, including production and procurement.

Design That
Ensures Ease
of Use

and Reliable Financial Data

Legal Compliance and Effective Foreign Trade Management

Tailored to Every Business's Needs

Management of All Operations

Design That Ensures Ease of Use

Up-to-Date and Reliable Financial Data

Legal Compliance and Effective Foreign Trade Management

Functions Tailored to Every Business's Needs

Effective Management of All Operations

Designed to meet the needs of medium and large-scale enterprises, Logo Tiger 3 efficiently manages all business processes from data management to sales operations, providing time and cost savings.

For Medium and Large-Scale Enterprises

Logo Tiger 3 enables medium and large-scale enterprises to manage all their activities from a single point, easily and at low costs. From procurement processes to customer relationship management, all activities can be carried out centrally and consistently. Thus, businesses gain efficiency in their processes, freeing up resources from unnecessary workloads to allocate to competitive advantage and innovation.

Simplicity in All Processes

Logo Tiger 3 promotes a culture of quality and efficiency throughout all processes, starting from the employee level. This ensures that information flows between departments with correct and up-to-date data, while complex business processes are simplified and organized. With real-time data entry, all departments can access updated information within their authorization levels. Simultaneous communication among users saves time and reduces unnecessary communication traffic.

Scalable Structure

In addition to standard modules tailored to different sectors, Logo Tiger 3 offers optional specialized solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses. This allows enterprises to create the most suitable ERP package according to their requirements.

Application Areas​

User-Friendly Design

The interface of Logo Tiger 3 ERP solution, designed based on user feedback, offers a high level of user-friendliness. Logo Tiger 3 desktop can be easily personalized with drag-and-drop functionality, and external links can be added effortlessly. Features like background customizations, viewing all functions from a single point, and a functional search button further enhance the comfort provided by the solution.

Tailored to Every Business's Needs

Logo Tiger 3 can be enriched with optional additional applications and widgets developed by Logo and Logo Solution Partners, in addition to the advantages provided by standard modules. App and widget sets developed by Logo and Logo Solution Partners can be integrated into the system to create a function set tailored to the required features.

Current and Reliable Financial Data

The up-to-date and reliable financial data provided by Logo Tiger 3 contributes to the healthier execution of operations in local and international markets. With its flexible currency system and reporting structure, Logo Tiger 3 ERP enables tracking of international activities and access to current profitability analyses. The payment and collection plan definitions of Logo Tiger 3 ERP offer flexibility to meet all kinds of needs. Risk monitoring and electronic warning sending can be done within defined limits and rules. Balance sheets for current accounts can also be prepared with a single click and sent electronically.

Compliance with Foreign Trade Regulations

The Logo Tiger 3 Foreign Trade module facilitates more efficient, effective, and compliant execution of import and export operations. All obligations can be tracked through integration with other processes such as accounting, finance, procurement, sales, and distribution.

Optimization in the Procurement Process

With Logo Tiger 3, which utilizes the power of automation to select suppliers that offer both quality and competitive prices, evaluating, comparing, and quickly making procurement decisions based on supplier offers is possible. Standardizing approval mechanisms and document flows saves time and costs.

Effective Control of Stocks

The Logo Tiger 3 Stock Control module enables the creation and tracking of stock, targets, and strategies, as well as monitoring real-time stock values and levels and controlling inventory costs. Product classification and hierarchical structuring designed for different product ranges allow for easy tracking of products. Items with the same properties can be tracked with different features using matrix units, and changes affecting thousands of items can be updated by changing a single definition.

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