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Logo Go Wings

If you are a medium-sized business, manage many functions from sales to accounting, from orders to reporting, independently of time and place via Logo GO Wings on the web.

Integration with
e-Government Solutions

of Time and

Full Compliance
with Current Legal Regulations

Enhanceable Structure, Flexible Pricing

in App

Fast and

Integration with e-Government Solutions

Independent of Time and Place

Full Compliance with Current Legal Regulations

Enhanceable Structure, Flexible Pricing

App-in-App Technology

Fast and Flexible Reporting

Bringing together Logo's technological expertise and innovation capabilities, Logo GO Wings, which can be used via the web, enables SMEs to manage their business processes from order to accounting anytime, anywhere.

End to End Management

Logo GO Wings makes it possible to manage all the processes needed to create customer satisfaction for an SME, such as accounting, order tracking, sales, purchasing, reporting, debt tracking, check bill tracking, e-Government applications, in a practical and cost-effective way.

Independent of Time and Place

With the hybrid structure of Logo GO Wings, which can be used both on desktop and web, the management of all processes becomes independent of time and place. Accessing information instantly via tablets saves time.

Enrichable Structure, Flexible Pricing

Designed according to the general needs of SMEs, Logo GO Wings can also be enriched with additional features for specific business requirements. Thus, all SMEs can create the most suitable Logo GO Wings package for themselves. Moreover, with the subscription model of Logo GO Wings, flexible pricing allows for periodic pricing based on the number of users.

Application Areas​​

Sectoral Compatibility

With its specially developed sector-independent structure for SMEs, Logo GO Wings meets the needs of businesses from various sectors such as distribution, construction, education, textile, media, and healthcare comprehensively.

Functional Structure

Many operations such as Finance, Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory Management, and Reporting can be easily performed under the roof of Logo GO Wings from a single point, providing time and cost savings.

Compliance with Current Legal Regulations

With its up-to-date structure complying with legal regulations, Logo GO Wings enables the management of all records with confidence. Additionally, Ba-Bs forms that need to be shared at the beginning of each month are prepared in electronic format; and with the e-Declaration feature, processes are completed quickly during tax periods.

Enriched Business Applications with App-in-App Technology

Every business may have unique needs. Logo GO Wings can be enriched with applications (apps) and widgets developed by Logo Business Partners. Thus, a set of functions tailored to the specific needs can be created.

Simple and Practical Interface

Developed with intuitive and easy-to-use new-generation technologies, Logo GO Wings' aesthetically pleasing desktop design, which is not visually burdensome and customizable, allows easy and quick access to all desired information. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of Logo GO Wings, easy and fast data entry can be done, and reports and applications can be easily accessed.

Ease of Use

One of the most important features of Logo GO Wings is its ease of use... By adding shortcuts for the most commonly used functions to the personalized desktop, processing times are shortened. This means time savings for employees and increased productivity for SMEs.

Compatibility with e-Government Applications

Logo GO Wings works seamlessly with e-Government applications such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, and e-Archive. Thus, the transactions performed in Logo GO Wings can be transferred directly to e-Government applications.

Integration with Business Analytics, CRM, Workflow Management, and Payroll Solutions

Different solutions within Logo can be seamlessly integrated with Logo GO Wings. The data coming from Logo GO Wings can be processed and analyzed in detail with the business analytics solution Logo Mind Insight and turned into reports. While the workflow processes in SMEs are managed flawlessly with Logo Flow, customer processes such as appointments, meetings, offers, and sales by sales-marketing departments or technical teams can be tracked through Logo CRM integrated with Logo GO Wings. Logo Bordro Plus, which works integrated with Logo GO Wings, also meets the needs of record and wage management perfectly.

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