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Software Solutions

With our team of experts in each field, we combine our 28 years of experience
with professional and high-quality service to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

BRM Software Solutions

We offer our customers 28 years of experience combined with professional and high-quality service, provided by our team of experts in their
respective fields.

BRM Web Warehouse Software

With BRM Web-based Warehouse Software, you can efficiently manage your operational warehouse processes. It retrieves data from a local server and operates on all devices. Its innovative and simple interface makes it very user-friendly.

Logo - Medisoft Integration

The integration solution developed by BRM Software enables businesses to manage their invoicing processes and financial workflows more efficiently. Here are the advantages you will gain with this solution:

BRM Production Management Software

BRM Production Management is a software that seamlessly integrates with the Logo GO family. Operating on a prescription logic, the software offers six different cost methods.

BRM Reporting Software​

It has the ability to perform your Financial Analysis by obtaining data through Logo Programs.

Mediplan - Operating Room Planning Software

An innovative, process-based workflow designed to prioritize patient and staff satisfaction, enabling you to utilize your resources in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This is a 100% web-based operating room planning software...

BRM Barcode Label Software

It has the ability to design and print labels for material barcodes defined in Logo Programs.