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Logo Tiger Wings

Logo Tiger Wings is a comprehensive ERP system designed for medium and large-scale enterprises, encompassing production and supply processes. By deploying it online, you can gain cost advantages.

Shaped by User Experience

Effective Management of All Operations

Legal Compliance and Efficient Foreign Trade Management

Widgets and Apps for Those Who
Want More

Anytime, Anywhere with Ease

Solutions for
Foreign Trade

Design Shaped by User Experience

Effective Management of All Operations

Legal Compliance and Efficient Foreign Trade Management

Widgets and Apps for Those Who Want More

Access Anytime, Anywhere with Ease

Effective Solutions for Foreign Trade

Logo Tiger Wings ERP, with its extensive modular structure and rich functionalities, not only improves the business processes of medium and large-scale enterprises but also supports sustainable efficiency anytime, anywhere through web-based usage.

Web-Based Infrastructure for Medium and Large-Scale Enterprises

Logo Tiger Wings enables medium and large-scale enterprises to easily manage all their activities from a single point. By centralizing and consistently executing all operations from procurement processes to customer relationship management, efficiency is achieved in business processes. The solution's web-based infrastructure significantly reduces initial setup costs. Thus, businesses can allocate resources to competitive advantage and innovation by eliminating unnecessary workload and costs.

Independent of Time and Place

With Logo Tiger Wings, which allows quick and easy access to the system via tablets, ERP becomes independent of time and place. Instant access to information also provides significant time savings for users.

Scalable Architecture, Flexible Pricing

Logo Tiger Wings offers rich functionalities covering many business processes, from foreign trade to tracking customer debt information, from material requirement planning to cost accounting. This solution, which includes standard features like these, can be further enriched with additional modules and functions according to needs. Thus, each business can create a package tailored to its industry, business structure, and expectations. Moreover, since Logo Tiger Wings is licensed with a subscription model, flexible pricing allows pricing on a periodic user basis.

Always Up-to-Date and Compliant with Regulations

Logo Tiger Wings ensures maximum efficiency in business processes by enabling seamless communication both within businesses and with their customers, business partners, and suppliers. Moreover, it is regularly updated to comply with changing regulations. This ensures that information flow is maintained with accurate and up-to-date data, complex business processes are simplified and organized, and legal compliance is guaranteed.

Application Areas

Design Shaped by User Experience

Logo Tiger Wings offers high usability with its redesigned interface based on user feedback. Features such as background customizations, desktops that can be easily personalized with drag-and-drop functionality, viewing all functions from a single point, functional search button, and the ability to add external links to the desktop make Logo Tiger Wings stand out in terms of user comfort.

For Those Wanting More, Widgets and Apps

Logo Tiger Wings, recognizing the fact that every business has unique needs, can be further enriched with apps and widgets developed by Logo and Logo Solution Partners. Thus, a set of functions with exactly the required features can be created.

Strong Financial Performance

Logo Tiger Wings, its flexible currency system and reporting structure, provides a solid foundation for strong financial performance not only for local businesses but also for those with international operations. The solution enables access to current profitability analysis and offers flexibility to meet all kinds of needs with payment and collection plan definitions. Risk monitoring and electronic reminders can be sent within set limits and rules, while Ba-Bs reconciliations for current accounts can be prepared with a single click and sent electronically.

Effective Solutions for Foreign Trade

The Foreign Trade Screen of Logo Tiger Wings enables import and export operations to be carried out more effectively, efficiently, and in compliance with legal obligations. All obligations can be tracked through Logo Tiger Wings in a manner that is compatible and integrated with other processes such as accounting, finance, procurement, sales, and distribution.

Integrated Structure from Order to Delivery

With Logo Tiger Wings, all processes from the creation of necessary documents for orders and deliveries to timely delivery can be managed in an integrated manner. In addition to invoicing in Turkish Lira, ensuring invoicing and payment tracking in foreign currency significantly facilitates foreign operations.

Advantages in Supply Management

Logo Tiger Wings automates the cycle of evaluating, comparing, and making purchasing decisions based on quotes from suppliers, thereby increasing the quality and reliability of the supplier selection process. In addition to supplier selection, the solution standardizes approval mechanisms and document flow processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Maximum Efficiency in Production

Logo Tiger Wings optimizes production processes by providing stage-based management, tracking, and reporting. Adding quality control results to materials and operations improves production processes while reducing error rates. The production planning methods offered by Logo Tiger Wings calculate material requirements before production, manage machine efficiency to effectively distribute workload, ensuring orders are delivered on time.

Better Quality Stock Operations

Logo Tiger Wings Inventory Control Screen allows users to create and track stocks, targets, and strategies, control inventory costs, and monitor real-time stock values and levels. Designed for different product ranges, the material classification and hierarchical structure enable easy tracking of products. With the matrix interface, materials of the same type with different specifications can be tracked, and changes affecting thousands of materials can be updated by modifying just one definition. The feature of tracking materials with different units allows tracking with an unlimited number of units, and reporting can be done based on a single unit through the conversion coefficient feature.

Compliance with Regulations and International Accounting Standards

Logo Tiger Wings ensures system consistency and minimizes user errors with its bidirectional audit feature, bridging operational transactions and accounting records. Under the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code requirements, financial and managerial reporting for the requested period can be directly generated in compliance with Turkish Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS) within the system. Financial statements and reports in local and reporting currency denominations cater to all related needs, while cost centers and project cards are utilized for managerial reporting purposes. With Logo Tiger Wings' e-Declaration options, prepared declarations can be automatically submitted to the Revenue Administration. nda, istenen döneme ait finansal ve mali raporlama, Türkiye Finansal Raporlama Standartlarına (TFRS) uygun şekilde doğrudan sistem üzerinde yapılabiliyor. Genel muhasebe işlemlerinde yer alan yerel ve raporlama dövizi cinsinden finansal tablo ve raporlar bu konudaki tüm ihtiyacı karşılarken, masraf merkezleri ve proje kartları da yönetimsel raporlama amacıyla kullanılabiliyor. Logo Tiger Wings’in e-Beyanname seçenekleri ise hazırlanan beyannamelerin otomatik olarak Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı’na gönderilmesini sağlıyor.

Fixed Asset Tracking

Logo Tiger Wings Fixed Asset Tracking Screen allows easy tracking of processes such as fixed asset purchase, allocation to personnel, and disposal. With support for multiple depreciation tables, depreciation calculations can be made based on the local currency according to the Tax Procedure Law, reporting currency suitable for international reporting, and again based on the local currency according to TFRS, and can be transferred to the accounting through separate accounting entries.

Centralized Management

Birden fazla şirketten oluşan gruplar da Logo Tiger Wings ERP ile tüm süreçlerini etkin bir şekilde yönetebiliyor. Finans Yönetimi Ekranı üzerinden sunulan bu kolaylık sayesinde grup bazında kârlılık hesaplanabiliyor, envanter bir bütün olarak görülebiliyor, nakit akışı şirketlerin tamamına göre analiz edilebiliyor.

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